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Thankful Reflections

November is traditionally a month when many of us look back over the past year and give thanks for those people, events and activities that have had a positive effect on our lives. Sometimes we are even fortunate enough to have life-changing or life-affirming events. Gratitude can be expressed in many ways. This having been my first year as director of Women Who Write, I have number of things to be grateful for, and I want to list them here:

People: Over the course of this year, I have been humbled and honored to have gotten to know so many of you on a much more personal level. Some of you are new members to Women Who Write, but many of you are continuing members who have long been with the writing group, and I am glad that as we grow and develop, you still find that we provide the same level of support and critique to which you have been accustomed. I am also incredibly blessed to hear the stories and poems that many of you hold most closely to your hearts. We have all been treated to glimpses of our fellow members’ lives and times and we are all richer for them.

Events: Women Who Write has hosted two wonderful events this year! In July we had our annual one-day writers’ workshop at JCTCS-Bullitt County and a record number of members and the community came out to learn from local and regional authors who shared their particular craft or writing with us. More recently, we had our annual writers’ retreat at Hopscotch House, and for those who were there it was a fruitful weekend of writing and comradery. The peaceful setting and the opportunity to write solo or hang with others certainly provided me with much-needed inspiration!

Activities: Kentucky is a state blessed with a rich literary tradition and many outlets to explore it. Poetry readings, plays and book fairs provide regular opportunities for Women Who Write members to get together and experience the written works of others or just to get to know each other better. I was lucky enough to attend both the Frankfort and Southern Kentucky book fairs this past year, and not only did I meet new authors but had a few adventures as well. So thank you for making this a year filled with poetry and prose.

~ Jessica Luetzow

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