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“Jaw-Dropping” Conference Sets Attendance Record

conferenceThose of you who were fortunate enough to attend our fourth annual writer’s craft conference know how amazing the whole event was. We had wonderful presenters who spoke on a variety of topics to nearly 80 attendees from five states. That is a record for Women Who Write, and I am proud of the board for working so hard to make this conference successful.

Survey says: According to evaluations, attendees loved the topics and hands-on writing opportunities provided. For a lucky dozen, the chance to pitch their book to an agent was the highlight of the event. Alice Speilberg, a former NYC literary agent now residing in Louisville, provided feedback to those folks daring enough to sit down with her. If you weren’t ready to pitch, that’s okay; Alice has her own agency, and you can contact her and arrange for a session yourself.

I am also very proud of our Women Who Write members who presented at this year’s event: Selene Phillips, Erin Fitzgerald, Cheri Powell, and Susan Lindsey. We have so many talented women in Women Who Write that it is jaw-dropping and inspirational!

If you are looking for a writer’s critique group to join, please check us out. We are always happy to welcome new members, and right now we are hotter than ever with women sharing short stories, memoirs, poetry, and blog entries. We had three new members join our group at the August meeting; that is a testament to our energy and momentum. Watch for the date and details of our upcoming members-only writer’s retreat at Hopscotch House. This is a long weekend of uninterrupted time to write, share with other writers, and enjoy the community of our group over meals. Now, more than ever, we are Women Who Write.

—Jessica Luetzow