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2018 Winter Rites

Jump start your new year in the right direction! Join fellow WWW members to work on your favorite work-in-progress or perhaps begin that story that you’ve always wanted to write, but haven’t set aside the time. Come for an hour or stay the entire time. All genres welcome. FEBRUARY Wednesday, February 28th 10 AM – 1 PM Host – Selene ...

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Letter from the Director — December 2017

    Dear WWW Members, Jingle. Jingle. Jingle does not necessarily indicate Santa or Christmas in Ojibwe. The jingle dancer has origins from a vision and culminated to a healing dance. The metal cones, often made of chewing tobacco lids, attach to the regalia making a jingly sound. Imagine the noise when hundreds of jingle dancers move at once. It ...

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Letter from the Director — November 2017

  Dear WWW Members, New WWW programs are in the works. Take the opportunity to write and read with your fellow members at upcoming events.     December Holiday Luncheon The WWW holiday luncheon, Dutch treat, is scheduled for Sat., Dec. 2, noon to 2 p.m., at the University Club, 200 East Brandeis Ave., Louisville. RSVP by Wed., Nov. 29 ...

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Letter from the Director — October 2017

  Melony Dixon and Selene Phillips finally find the Spring Mill waterfall at the 2016 fall retreat. Photo by Selene Phillips.   Searching for Spring in Fall by Selene Phillips Sniffing out streaming consciousness, Wandered until we found it. Enlightened mornings of forgiveness. Destinations earlier denied Become our place of placid preservation. Once more We are renewed Upon a moment ...

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New Member Brunch

A great gathering was held at the home of Joan Dubay as new and existing members came together on August 12th for the WWW New Member brunch. We shared creative ideas, laughter, and support for each other while we enjoyed a spread of delicious food. Thank you, Joan, for hosting a beautiful morning.

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Letter from the Director — July/August 2017

Dear WWW Members, Ojibwe is the largest group of Native Americans in the North American continent, living predominately in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Canada. Ojibwe refers to the Algonquian-speaking bands and their puckered moccasins. Manoominike-giizis or August, and in some places September, is the moon of ricing. Military commander Seth Eastman painted Ojibwe women ricing in 1857. Ricing is a ...

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Annual Fall Retreat

Most writers need more time to write. At the WWW fall retreat, falling leaves, a rushing waterfall, and the support of other friendly women writers is in abundance like a fruitful fall harvest. The atmosphere is conducive for keyboard clicking. There are lots of nooks and crannies, couches, and tables for writing. Plan now to attend. WWW members will write ...

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Letter from the Director — June 2017

Dear WWW Members, Our Ojibwe word is “July.” Odemiini-giizis is strawberry moon for the western dialect, and baashkaabigonii-giizis is blooming moon for the eastern dialect. June Readers June readers were Peggy Grimes with essay Words or Symbols, Irene Sulyevich’s House Cleaning, and Selene Phillips’ poem Limbo. Among other writing prompts, several writers selected inspiration that used skinny-dipping in a scene. ...

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Conquering the Challenges of Writing the Historical Novel

A workshop combining story, history, characters and research. Writing a historical novel demands extensive work. Writers need to please the credentialed historian and the genre’s avid readers. Join us as author Sue Kelly Ballard examines effective strategies to drop characters into a world where conflicts, actions, and resolutions are a satisfying integrated whole. Ballard will explain the components necessary for ...

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