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The Joys of Board Service

By Susan E. Lindsey

Joys of board service? Hmmm,” you think. “I’m a bit dubious myself.”

I’ve served on the board of Women Who Write for almost five years and I swear it’s true. I was the director for two years and I have also served as the associate director of communication/public relations.

I’ve made incredibly strong friendships with other board members, met prominent writers and critical players in the publishing world, helped publish several anthologies and plan conferences, and worked very hard.

I’ve also had a lot of fun—more than once we’ve been nearly booted from a restaurant for exhibiting too much levity during a board meeting. I’ve learned so much, and built and expanded my skills.

The terms of all the current board members expire at the end of this year: director, associate director, associate director of communication and PR, secretary, and treasurer.

It’s time for other members to step up to the plate. Please contact a board member if you are interested in service (we already have someone interested in the treasurer’s role).

We would be happy to share position descriptions with you and you’re welcome to attend any of our board meetings to kick the tires a little.

I promise you: you’ll get as much or more out of it as you put into it.

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