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Rowing & Writing: Not for the Weak

What does the sport of rowing have to do with writing? I asked myself this question after returning from my son’s collegiate regatta on the East Coast, and I realized they share common practices and philosophies. Both activities require dedication, long hours of practice, and attention to form. Sound familiar? Dedication: Rowing is a sport you have to want to ...

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Finding the Eggs: Good & Bad

This year, Easter fell in early April. The secular side of Easter is concerned with hunting for eggs and chocolate rabbits and filling baskets with goodies that are hidden from view. Writing can be a lot like embarking on an Easter egg hunt. You start by knowing that you are eager to go on this hunt . . . you ...

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In Like a Lion; Out Like a Lamb

March certainly came in like a lion this year, forcing us to cancel our meeting earlier this month—a very rare action for us to take. March is a month of transition. Winter gives way to spring, or at least it tries to do so. The month can be marked with every kind of weather from snowstorms to tornadoes, and people ...

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Love is in the Air

I suspect a whole lot of poetry is written or read in the name of love during the month of February. But it’s always about the same thing: I love you and I hope you love me. However, this February, Women Who Write asks the question: do you love you? For the first time ever, Women Who Write is hosting ...

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Full Steam Ahead

Here we are well past New Year’s Eve with all its resolutions—write more poetry, update the blog more regularly, or finish the manuscript—topping your list of literary pledges for 2015. I hope that attending more Women Who Write monthly meetings is also high on your priority list. What an amazing year we had in 2014, with our membership increasing and ...

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