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What Our Members Say

The Women Who Write community sets free one of a writer’s inner demons. The one that tries to convince you you’re not ready. It’s the voice that says, ‘I need a crisp new journal to write in, a better laptop, my idea stinks, or I need my favorite coffee shop to be open for business. Without those things, I simply can’t begin to write.’” WWW helps every writer realize all you need is pure intent and a bit of inspiration to begin creating. The intent is provided by you, the inspiration is provided by the insight and generosity of our members.”




“My favorite aspect of Women Who Write is the wealth of experience found in the group. Journalists, poets, novelists, memoirists – each kind of writer contributes something that will make me a better writer.”




“The solitary nature of writing often makes me crazy! Through Women Who Write, I have found a community of women with common interests, as well as a place, a space, a voice. I have found people who understand it is important to choose the right word, build complex characters, create tension, include terrific details, create vivid scenes . . .  We can all be a bit crazy, together!