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Become a Member or Renew Your Membership

Women Who Write offers members a safe, supportive environment in which to improve their skills. Guests may visit two meetings before deciding if they wish to join. Regular annual membership dues are $50 for a regular membership and $25 for a student membership. Benefits of membership include:

  • Regular monthly meetings that provide an opportunity to meet, read and critique works in progress, share ideas and resources, and create new work.
  • Guest author speakers.
  • Two annual weekend writing retreats that includes a restful, quiet environment in which to write, as well as guest speakers on topics of interest to writers.
  • Our monthly newsletter of announcement and writer resources.
  • Discounted registration fee for writing workshops.
  • Opportunities for volunteer work and board service in an outstanding nonprofit organization.

Membership Form for New or Renewing Members

Women Who Write, based in Louisville, Kentucky

New members can join at any time during the year. Your membership month will be recorded, and you will receive a renewal notice during that month the following year.


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    Membership will not begin/renew until dues are received.
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    Demographic Information
    Membership dues comprise only a portion of the funds Women Who Write uses to pay for educational programs, retreats, scholarships, and communication costs. As a non-profit organization, WWW is eligible for additional funding from foundations and other funding services that often request demographic information to ensure they are serving a wide range of individuals. By providing the information below, you can help WWW gain access to such funding. (Note: WWW does not discriminate based on these or any other categories. No identifying information is released without the individual’s permission.)

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    Members must be 18 or older.

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    By submitting this form, I grant permission for my contact information (address, phone, email) to be shared with other members of Women Who Write (WWW) and to receive periodic emails such as newsletters or other communication from WWW. I give WWW permission to use my photograph or other images of me, captured on either photographic, video or digital media during WWW activities, to be used solely for the purpose of WWW promotional activities and educational purposes including, but not limited to, printed materials and the WWW website, and waive any rights of compensation or ownership of those images.

    Please note: Once the membership form is submitted, you'll
    be redirected to PayPal so that you may pay online. Thank you.

    You may also submit your payment directly to PayPal by sending the dues to

    If you’d prefer to mail in the form, please download this printable membership form, and send to Women Who Write, 3017 Beals Branch Dr., Louisville, KY 40206.