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A New Director Takes the Helm

Dear Fellow Writers,

The previous board deserves a grand thank you for sustaining a viable organization that supports women’s voices. Those wonderful women include Jessica Luetzow as director; Paula Dillman as associate director; Susan E. Lindsey as communication, public relations, and newsletter editor; Charlet Johnson as secretary; and Holly Hinson as treasurer. Thank you, ladies, for helping the new board transition into their new positions.

Early in grade school, I wrote a short essay on large-ruled handwriting paper, the kind with big blue lines and dashes. It was accompanied by my own artwork. I used the word “goodies” in my story. My brown skin irritated the teacher. My name was difficult for her to spell and pronounce. Despite her palpable distain, she had me read “Goodies” to the class. They laughed, and I fell more in love with writing.
I continue to write, seek feedback, and gravitate to others who value the craft. My knack for writing is rooted in my Ojibwe ancestors and family members who enjoy telling stories. Strong Native American leaders work for the upcoming Seventh Generation. It is imperative that Indigenous leaders not stand out, seek advancement, or manipulate in self-aggrandizing ways. In that spirit, I attempt to lead with humility and a servant’s heart.

I look forward to helping members realize their writing dreams. At the end of the two-year term, I will have succeeded if you engaged with writing in a way you haven’t before, wrote something you’ve been meaning to write, submit to a writing contest you’ve never entered before, or thought enough of WWW that you bring a guest or two. Spread the joy. As I wrote in a poem for my mom, “words are my playground.” Come play with us!

Women Who Write's New Board

(pictured above: Jessica Luetzow, Dana Lindley, Selene Phillips and Joan Dubay)

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