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Full Steam Ahead

Here we are well past New Year’s Eve with all its resolutions—write more poetry, update the blog more regularly, or finish the manuscript—topping your list of literary pledges for 2015. I hope that attending more Women Who Write monthly meetings is also high on your priority list. What an amazing year we had in 2014, with our membership increasing and our meetings averaging fifteen to twenty or more people in attendance. The many poems, short stories and works-in-progress that I’ve had the privilege to hear have been jaw-dropping and inspiring! We have certainly lived up to our newly coined tagline: A place, a space, a voice.

As I look back over the past year, I feel privileged to have led our group monthly in meaningful critiques, and so many of you have shared everything from children’s stories to soul-searing poetry. One form that has emerged over the year, and seems to be gaining popularity, is blog entries. A number of you have given voice to causes and concerns, and shared reflections and revelations. An old phrase from the 1970s comes to mind when I think back on some of what was shared: “Beautiful, man!” These shared passages are gob-smacking amazing and bone chillingly thoughtful. I love that so many of you are finding your voice online in the blogosphere. And of course, traditional (whatever that may be) poetry and prose is still very much welcome.

We will provide practical writing advice and education this year with an expanded one-day writers’ conference to be announced for summer, our annual retreat, and a series of one-topic workshops to begin in the spring. Of course, we always encourage everyone to take advantage of the rich and varied writing workshops and conferences available throughout the state, and we look forward to keeping you up to date on all our community of writers in Kentucky has to offer. If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while, don’t let the weather stop you this winter. We are always ready to listen and share the first Thursday of the month. I look forward to sharing an exciting 2015 year with you!

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