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Consider Becoming a Board Member

boardAfter a long hot summer—much of it spent like Tennessee Williams’s cat on a hot tin roof—we welcome shorter days, dropping temperatures, and changing leaves. All of us heave a sigh of relief anticipating the pleasures of autumn, a transitional season. “Change is good,” we all say.
And so it will be for the board of Women Who Write. Every two years, a new group of women take the helm and chart a course for our writing group. We will have elections for new officers in December and the new board will start in January.

And that’s something I want to talk about here: a little known fact perhaps, but our leadership has changed up with each new board. It has always been a new mix of personalities and experiences, fresh faces, and new voices.

It has been my distinct honor to serve as your director these past two years, and I want to share my story. I learned about Women Who Write when I attended a writer’s conference and met Susan Lindsey, who was then our director. She invited me to try out the organization; that was in September 2013. I was looking for an opportunity to take on a leadership role and learn new skills, and so it was that I became director a mere three months later! I had not been a long-term member, nor did I know the other members of our new board. I have to say I enjoyed getting to know them while I worked alongside them. Our board is one that I respect and have had quite a lot of fun with over the past two years—many of you notice that we occasionally goof around in our monthly meetings. This camaraderie comes from spending time together.

The current board isn’t going anywhere. Everyone on the 2014–15 board plans on staying with WWW as members. We will be here to answer questions and provide guidance for the next board. Our writing group is 22 years old and has had eleven different boards; operating this way is really our lifeblood, our heart and soul. We are a group of writers who come together to share our work and support other women in the process. It only seems fair that different women play a role in leading our efforts to be one of the best critique groups out there.

Every woman has something to offer. Say “yes” to board membership. It might just be one of the best times of your life!

—Jessica Luetzow

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