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Annual Retreat 2016 — Photo Highlights

We ate, coaxed a turtle off the road, saw deer, found a waterfall, read, wrote, and walked the labyrinth at the Hopscotch House. Carolyn Humphrey and Laura Johnsrude organized wonderful meals. Thanks for a job well done!



Waterfall at Hopscotch House – Melony Dixon and Selene Phillips finally find the waterfall. Photo by Selene Phillips



Stubborn Snapper – Cheri Powell and Selene Phillips coax a stubborn snapper off the road to safety. Photo by Selene Phillips



Sunrise at Hopscotch House – Saturday Sunrise at Hopscotch House. Photo by Selene Phillips



Women Who Write – Carolyn Humphrey, Kim Snead, Mel Dixon, and Joan Dubay do some serious writing at the Hopscotch House. Photo by Selene Phillips



Reflection at the Hopscotch House – Susan Bauer takes some time for reflection at the fall retreat. Photo by Selene Phillips

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